Sam N's testimonial

Fantastic recommendation from a repeat client.  We strive to always to take fanastic care of our clients.  


— Sam N.

Tiffany Lucchesi

Steve understands the market and how to ensure your property will stand out and look unique amongst others. Trust him and let him run the show - you won’t be disappointed!


— Seller in Berryessa and Buyer in Evergreen

Olessia Silva

We were 3rd generation within our family to work with Steve.


— Seller in Evergreen

Jina Kim

I highly recommend Steve to those who are looking for their next home!! We will for sure be using him again!


— Buyer in Blossom Valley

Hyun Shin

his was our second transaction with Steve. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to do a real estate transaction.


— Seller in Berryessa

Henry Lin


— Seller in Blossom Valley

Alma Silva

Steve is a master at his craft!


— Seller in Evergreen Area of San Jose

Sherry He

Do you want to receive a record high offer for your house? Hire Steve!


— Seller in Santa Clara

Jamie Taijii

The best decision I made was to choose Steve Mun as my real estate agent. .....


— Seller in Santa Clara

Hoosier Gal

Steve is very knowledgeable about the housing market in the South Bay and the selling/buying process here.


— Buyer and Seller in San Jose and Santa Clara

Emily Hsu

As a repeat client, we highly recommend working with Steve.


— Seller in San Jose and Buyer in Los Gatos

Elmer Min

The whole process seemed behemoth and complex but Steve guided me end-to-end with his wisdom and experise!


— Buyer in downtown San Jose


He is a real professional realtor who I can highly recommend. ...


— Seller in Santa Clara

Zillow Testimonials

http://www.zillow.com/profile/SteveMunGroup/#reviewsor http://www.realtor.com/realestateagents/Steve-Mun_...       


— Click the link above for reviews on Zillow or Realtor.com

Kim Chau, Rivermark Buyer

I had a very positive experience with Steve representing me as a buyer. If you read his "filtered reviews" hidden below, other people thought so too. Steve helped me negotiate a great deal on a place I didn't think I could afford, and it worked...


— Kim Chau, Rivermark Buyer

Daxay Rawal, Buyer Milpitas and Gilroy

Senior Software EngineerI would highly recommend Steve for his realtor services. I have found him knowledgeable. His work is very very clean and lawful. He is very supportive even long after the transaction completes.


— Daxay Rawal, Buyer Milpitas and Gilroy

Mark Gagner, Investor Seller, West San Jose

Steve was a true professional in every step of my home sale transaction. His knowledge, experience and work ethic created the very best outcome possible.


— Mark Gagner, Investor Seller, West San Jose

Steve Murillo, Rivermark Santa Clara Seller

It was an absolute pleasure working with Steve on the sale of my condo. He is a true professional and his vast experience in the Bay Area makes him the clear choice for anyone looking to buy or sell. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction.


— Steve Murillo, Rivermark Santa Clara Seller

Todd C, Santa Clara Seller

Steve got us through a short sale... in the end it worked out exactly how he predicted it would (though we weren't expecting an offer $50k over asking). I think we had 11 offers in all after 1 open house. The short sale process is painful...but if...


— Todd C, Santa Clara Seller

Ramesh V, Fremont Seller

We recently sold our house in Fremont. Steve was excellent. He made the process really smooth and took care of every detail from start to the end. Really!! Thanks Steve.His excellent communication via email/phone and constant updates helped us...


— Ramesh V, Fremont Seller

Ajmichaelis, West San Jose Seller

This review is long-overdue, but we had such a great experience with Steve that we felt the need to recommend him. Steve guided us through a difficult short sale with ease. We were relocated out of state and had to sell our underwater condo--a scary...


— Ajmichaelis, West San Jose Seller

Steve Madsen, West San Jose Seller

I would like to tell anyone wanting to sell their home, that Steve Mun is a top notched professional you want to talk to. He took great care of me and my family in getting our home sold quickly and without much hassle. He really did go above and...


— Steve Madsen, West San Jose Seller

Patricia Collins, Rivermark Santa Clara Seller

I can highly recommend Steve as a very experienced and competent realtor. I recently sold my condo and there were the usual bumps plus some additional issues on my end that made the sale more challenging. Steve was very knowledgeable about all of...


— Patricia Collins, Rivermark Santa Clara Seller

Danny Ortega, San Jose Seller

We are one of the lucky family that was assisted by Steve Mun on selling our house last month. He provided us the complete explanations and expectations of selling our house during this tough market condition. In two weeks preparation he was able to...


— Danny Ortega, San Jose Seller

John Eun, Sunnyvale Seller

Steve was outstanding. He was very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable. every situation is different, but there were very few gotchas since he knew what we needed to do and when we came across any hurdles he was able to address and...


— John Eun, Sunnyvale Seller

Anwar Nagpurwala, Blossom Valley San Jose Seller

We recently sold our home through Steve Mun. Steve is a very knowledgeable real estate agent in this area. He uses all the online tools to market your property so that it can be sold fast and get you most value. We actually found Steve while...


— Anwar Nagpurwala, Blossom Valley San Jose Seller

Nga Tran, Santa Clara Seller

I was really fortunate to have worked with Steve Mun. Steve is patient and very thorough in explaining the whole process of selling my home (I was clueless!). When I first met Steve, I felt really comfortable with him already. He's a reliable,...


— Nga Tran, Santa Clara Seller

Adam Yang, Rivermark Santa Clara Seller

We sold our property as a short sale early this year. I'm glad that we met Mr. Mun, because without him we wouldn't get this good deal. He had excellent negotiation skills with the bank, great amount of knowledge in his field of work and many...


— Adam Yang, Rivermark Santa Clara Seller

Yong Lewis, Blossom Valley San Jose Seller

I hired Steve Mun to sell my home in San Jose. I live in San Francisco, so I needed someone who would help with everything about this sale. Steve came highly recommended and he delivered. He explained the process of what to expect from start to...


— Yong Lewis, Blossom Valley San Jose Seller

Farah Mangoba, Berryessa San Jose Seller

Steve educated my husband and I on the different selling options that were available to us given our circumstances. He was always on top of keeping us informed about activity on our property. When we finally got a buyer, Steve kept us abreast of...


— Farah Mangoba, Berryessa San Jose Seller

Jane Han, Alameda Seller

"Deciding to sell my home was a big decision. During that time, Steve was referred to me by a friend. Prior to making my decision, Steve took the time to explain the entire process to me and answered all my questions prior to starting the sale. He...


— Jane Han, Alameda Seller

Karthik Krishnan, West San Jose Seller/Buyer

Steve Mun was instrumental in helping me sell and buy a new home. In this era of technology, I went in skeptical about the value of an agent in selling/ buy a home but Steve was worth it. He was honest, responsive and incredibly helpful. On the...


— Karthik Krishnan, West San Jose Seller/Buyer

Mandane Fraisse, Sunnyvale Buyer

Steve is a great agent. He was referred to us by a friend when we were looking for a house to buy. We visited a lot of houses in different cities as we did not know where we wanted to buy. He was always patient and gave us good advices on what we...


— Mandane Fraisse, Sunnyvale Buyer

Joe Rodney, Rivermark Seller Santa Clara

Dear Steve,Thanks so much for all your help in getting my place sold in Santa Clara. Your expert knowledge made the entire process a lot easier to handle. I'm really lucky to have found such a great agent to work with.


— Joe Rodney, Rivermark Seller Santa Clara

Becky Voorheis, Mountain View Seller

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity“Steve successfully executed the short sale of our bay-area house from beginning to end and I can't recommend him highly enough! I'm certain that the short sale would have never happened were it...


— Anonymous

Harry Kim, Blossom Valley San Jose Selle

Testimonial by Harry Kim When I first wanted to decide what to do with my house, I felt lost as what I needed to do with it. I didn’t even know where to begin. I contacted Mr. Mun and wanted to get some consultation from him. He was...


— Harry Kim, Blossom Valley San Jose Selle

Daniel Ju, San Jose

Steve did an excellent job for me. He was professional and stayed on top of the whole sales process. I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve to anyone who could use his services!


— Daniel Ju, San Jose

Grace Kang, Rocklin

Steve Mun has been an ideal listing agent for me. I am a type of person who wants to know how things will be done and then they be done without me getting involved in the tiny details. He made the process simple for me. I knew what to expect and...


— Grace Kang, Rocklin

Olivier Boireau, San Francisco

“Steve has bought and sold three of my last homes. He has been a true professional and has guided me along the way in my transactions which have resulted in me getting excellent deals and making more money in the process. Good guy. I would...


— Olivier Boireau, San Francisco

Stephanie Boireau, San Jose

Steve has been my Realtor for the purchase and sales of my last three homes. He has done a tremendous job in each of those transactions and always, ending up with me getting a great deal and saving me a lot of money. He was always available for me...


— Anonymous

Indy and Sandra Lee, Sunnyvale

“Steve helped us get into a our new home for thousands less than the seller asked and also managed to negotiate additional financial incentives which saved us thousands more at closing time. All of this was done in an area which is still highly...


— Anonymous

Seong M. Son, Almaden

Steve,What can we say? Selling above asking price and buying below asking price: we had the perfect transaction. You did a great job for us in negotiating the deals but also in taking care of all of the inspections and repairs needed in both...


— Anonymous

James Kim, San Jose

Dear Steve,Thanks for helping me sell my house. From the beginning, you were courteous and professional in dealing with me. You explained the sell-through procedure so that I can be calm and know what to expect and when to expect it. You were a...


— James Kim, San Jose

Joe Y. Chu, Cambrian

Steve:I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in finding my new dream house in Cambrian. Even in this competitive market place, you made the whole buying process relatively simple for me by also recommending a good loan agent who...


— Joe Y. Chu, Cambrian

Shuren Yao, West San Jose

Dear Steve,... and I wanted to thank you for helping us find our wedding home. We appreciated you being so understanding and patient in helping us through our first real estate transaction. We didn´t know at the time, but do know now that you...


— Shuren Yao, West San Jose

Han Kim, Palo Alto

Steve,I am writing to thank you for your assistance in selling and buying our new home in Palo Alto. I am a person who believes in results and you provided me with excellent results on both of our transactions.I appreciated your efforts in making...


— Han Kim, Palo Alto

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