Karthik Krishnan, West San Jose Seller/Buyer

Steve Mun was instrumental in helping me sell and buy a new home. In this era of technology, I went in skeptical about the value of an agent in selling/ buy a home but Steve was worth it. He was honest, responsive and incredibly helpful. On the sell side, he brought in a full crew of folks to ensure that any potential objections that could hinder/ increase the sales cycle be eliminated. He was aggressive in the open houses, how they were marketed etc. I ended up selling the home in 35 days and in these times that was a remarkably good outcome.

On the buy side, my experiences were similar. We went through protracted negotiations with the sellers and Steve was there all along the way helping us navigate the terms/ conditions and ensuring a final sale price on terms that met our requirements. We even ended up using the loan agent that Steve recommended for our financing.

We ended up buying a home that required some modifications and he also helped with contacts on the contractor/ painting side that were affordable and more importantly finished the work in a timely manner.

On each of these fronts, I would place independent inquiries with folks I know about rates on painting, loans, contracting and Steve’s guys always ended up being the most affordable.

Just a super helpful, nice agent with a lot of integrity. By the end of it all, he was more a friend to us than an agent. I recommend him highly to anyone looking to buy/ sell a home.

— Karthik Krishnan, West San Jose Seller/Buyer