Harry Kim, Blossom Valley San Jose Selle

Testimonial by Harry Kim

When I first wanted to decide what to do with my house, I felt lost as what I needed to do with it. I didn’t even know where to begin. I contacted Mr. Mun and wanted to get some consultation from him. He was very understanding of my situation and gave me some honest feed back as to what my options were. He was honest with the options that he presented to me. He took me step by step and made sure that I was on task with various forms. He was very prompt with his work, and I was able to fully trust him with the work load.

I was very happy with his work. I received a great service through my agent. I am fully satisfied that we were able to reach our goal. I highly recommend Mr. Mun to anyone who needs help with real estate matters.

— Harry Kim, Blossom Valley San Jose Selle