Becky Voorheis, Mountain View Seller

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Steve successfully executed the short sale of our bay-area house from beginning to end and I can’t recommend him highly enough! I’m certain that the short sale would have never happened were it not for Steve, his persistence, charm, wisdom, experience, relationship-skills, attention to details, creative problem solving, and sheer tenacity. During the times when I got discouraged and doubted whether I could go on with what Bank of America put us through, Steve was right there to encourage and reassure me. Not only was his performance superb, he did it all with me living 2,000 miles away in Indiana! Living so far away, it was crucial to us that we hire someone extremely trustworthy and who could independently drive the process on their own initiative. Steve was all that and much more. In my experience, it’s a rare occasion in which you hire a real estate agent and, after it’s all said and done, can honestly say “I would hire that person again”. With no reservations, I would absolutely hire Steve again and recommend him to friends and family.”

— Anonymous , Becky Voorheis, Mountain View Seller