The Covid Pandemic has highlighted the necessity and beauty of a true 3D Virtual Tour.  How it allows you to  immerse yourself into the property and to look at the importnce of the layout and every minor detail which photos simply cannot provide.  


Everyone is jumping onto the 3D virtual tour wagon out of necessity, due to the  shutdown of open houses and limitation on showings.  But we had a different vision of how the new technology would benefit our clients. 


To us, it was the latest technology which allowed our listings to stand out and help buyers immerse themselves into the property 24/7 with any and all of their friends or family.  It provided anytime, real-time access which helped in the decision making process.  It allowed buyers to make decisions quicker and more effectively, thereby providing an edge to our sellers.  Our listings were moving faster to close than our compeition.  


We started using our 3D Virtual Tours since 2017 when only the high-end, multi-million dollar listings were using this latest and greatest tech.  Cost was secondary in our minds, assisting in shortening and encouraging more effective decision making process was the primary goal.  


We are always on the lookout for the latest technology to help our clients maintain a competitive edge over other sellers and to get them better prices in shorter times.  And our sales data prove our leading edge approach definitively benefit our clients get more in less time.  We always strive to move forward, rather than the “wait and see” approach so many adopt in the real estate industry.  Always, forward motion, looking for advantages.    


Don’t just settle for agents who simply run with the crowd, seek out forward thinkers who bring additional value to your table.  Your choice can have huge consquences.  



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