This may sound like common sense, but it needs to be said out loud.  

Not every real estate agent brings the same results in selling your home.  Let me say that again: not every real estate agent brings the same results in selling your home.


Let me explain.

This latest unit.  Since the third quarter of 2019 (when the selling season slows down) 5 units were available for sale.  Of those units, only the most popular model (3 bedroom) sold for more than list price and all the other units sold for significantly less and took more than a month with price reductions.  One even had to be take off market due to inability to attract buyers after three months of effort.    

Ours was the only unit to sell in 7 days, over list price and with multiple offers.  Something that none of the others were able to accomplish.  Bottom line is all sellers want these things but also want to avoid the emotionally draining experience of praying for a buyer on your home after weeks and weeks and sometimes months of lackluster showing activity.  Sellers want certainty and to avoid emotionally draining experience.      


Selling a home is the most imporant thansaction that a family will experience and the wrong decision will cost  tens of thousands of dollars in the Silicon Valley Real Estate space.  


Check out their past performance and see what they have been doing for other sellers.  This information should not be hidden.

If you are thinking about selling in this transitioning market, contact us and see how we have been helping Silicon Valley Homeowners with stressless and top dollar performance since 2002.