This one happened in a whirlwind.  There was so much to do to  get it on market in a timely manner….

Anyhow, it is already in contract and pending with mulitple offers. We set the all time historic record price for any unit in this complex: Miraval at Rivermark.

The market is hot and there are many instances of record prices  being set all over Silicon Valley.  True.  What makes this a bit sweeter is not only did we set a historic price which could be beaten easily in the near future.  But the second part of the historic price is what is more exciting and meaningful, in my opinion. 

The delta, or the difference, between the last record setting price and this new record setting price is the highest ever, as well.  This record will be a bit harder to challenge than the simple next higher price.  

From a seller’s point of view, getting the highest price is good, but pocketing the record setting gain between the last and current record price is better and means more money in their pocket.  That number is universally loved by all sellers.  

So don’t be impressed just by the highest sale price. Be more impressed by the largest gain ever from the previous sale price.  That is truly an impressive number to behold.

By the way, we did the same thing last year at a different community (Mission Terrace) as well.  

Success leave clues.  Who you hire absolutely matters!



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