It’s been three months since we negotiated the deal that set the all time price record for 2 bedroom units at  Mission Terrace @Rivermark.  7 additional units  of 2 beds for sale have come on market since; yet $820,000 still stands as the record price.  What gives?


You listen to people on the street and they say that each successive sale should generate a new record price.  After 7 properties on market, at least one of  them should have shattered the old record…….  Something has to give.  


Well, something did finally give; that towering price has finally been toppled.  A unit with the same layout and same size, but three months later.  The new record price is not a few thousand over the previous record, but a full $33,000 over at  $853,000.  The next highest price for the same unit sold was at $802,000 or $51,000 less.  It took some time but finally a new record price has been set, so who did it and how did they do it?      


Hate to remove the drama……but it was me again.  I broke the record that I set earlier in the summer: using the same marketing system to bring many buyers through the doors, resulting in multiple offers and savvy negoatiations to push up the final price for the seller to a price beyond their expectations.  


So I ask the same question I asked about in the previous blog: does it matter who you hire in real estate?   


The response from the sales data is a resounding:  absolutely yes.   




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